What are EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests?

EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests are reliable and convenient at-home testing kits designed to detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs) quickly and reliably.

Which STIs can be detected using EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests?

Our tests can detect four sexually transmitted infections - chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and herpes-2.

How accurate are the results from EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests?

Our simple, at-home STI Rapid Tests  have greater than 99% clinical accuracy when you:

  • wait the recommended window period before you test
  • follow the instructions

EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests have a high clinical accuracy (greater than 99%), but should be considered a preliminary test result. Please consult a medical professional for a conclusive result through further clinical and laboratory findings.

How easy is it to use EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests at home?

EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests are designed to be easy and convenient to use at home. We provide clear instructions on how to carry out the EttieKits® tests and everything necessary to perform the test so that you get reliable results. 

For testing at home, you'll need to take swab samples from your penis or vagina, and/or a small blood sample from your finger. It's important to read the instruction booklet carefully to ensure reliable results. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to seek help or guidance.

How is my privacy protected when using EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests?

  • Confidential Packaging: EttieKits® ensures that all products are discreetly packaged. There is no visible branding or labelling on the exterior to protect your privacy.
  • Discreet Billing: EttieKits® follows discreet billing practices. A neutral company name will show on your credit card statement to avoid any potential association with sensitive products or services.
  • Secure Online Ordering: EttieKits® prioritises online security, using encrypted and secure checkout processes to safeguard your information and ensure a confidential shopping experience.

How long does it take to get my results after taking an EttieKits® STI Rapid Test?

EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests provide reliable results within 20 minutes, allowing you to quickly assess your sexual health status.

Can I use EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests even if I don't have symptoms?

Yes, it's essential to test regularly for STIs, even if you don't have symptoms. Many STIs can be asymptomatic, meaning you may have an infection without noticeable signs. Regular testing is important for early detection and treatment, which can prevent complications and the spread of infections to your sexual partner(s).

What should I do if my test results are positive?

If your test results are positive, don’t worry - most STIs are curable and all are treatable. You will need to contact your healthcare provider promptly to discuss your results and to receive appropriate treatment.

Can I purchase EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests without a prescription?

Yes, our STI Rapid Tests are available without a prescription, making it convenient for you to monitor your sexual health without the need for a doctor's visit. However, if you receive a positive result, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional for further evaluation and treatment.

How should I dispose of the test after use?

It's important to dispose of the materials responsibly to protect the environment and others in your household. The used test components can be safely discarded in regular household waste.

If I am not happy with the EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests can I get my money back?

Due to the nature of these products, we cannot accept any returns. If your product arrives damaged, please advise us within 7 days and we will arrange a refund or re-shipment of your EttieKits® STI Rapid Test. 

Please contact hello@ettiekits.co.nz with any questions or to let us know about damaged product.

What does ISO mean?

EttieKits® STI Rapid Tests have high clinical accuracy greater than 99% and are manufactured under strict quality controls according to the ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard.

About the ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard

ISO 13485 is the world’s most recognised Medical Device Standard. It is recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation), FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA), and the European Commission. ISO 13485 is the most rigorous global standard in manufacturing, exceeding even those of the FDA.

What ISO 13485 means:

  • Quality Management Assurance
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Performance
  • Improved Manufacturing Processes
  • Meeting Customer Requirements
  • Legal Compliance
  • Annual inspection visits by ISO staff to the manufacturing plant.

What will my parcel look like?

We ship your EttieKits® in a simple unbranded bag. There will only be your name and your address. There is no returning address or logo so no one will know where it comes from, except for you.